Sustainable Industry Solutions

2wayLogistics™ for Used Products Management

2wayLogistics™ for Used Products Management (UPM) is a complete solution for reverse logistics, waste management and used products management in the environmental enterprise. It is refreshingly different and empowers reverse logistics and environmental companies to outsmart competition.

End-to-End Reverse Logistics

It provides an end-to-end solution for managing reverse logistics for all types of used products: waste, recyclable goods, customer returns and project returns.

Flexible, Efficient and a Smart (Used) Product Portfolio

It combines flexibility, efficiency and a smart (used) product portfolio management system in different business domains to boost ambitious growth and the development of new business opportunities.

Logistic & Treatment activities

It includes application features for both logistics and treatment activities, and extends standard Microsoft Dynamics™ AX reverse logistics functionality for hazardous materials management, entitlement management, repair and refurbishment activities.

Traceability & Regulation

The environmental enterprise operates in a highly regulated context. Authorities among whom public regulators and so called producers organizations must be informed before and/or after used products are moved.

Supplier care

Supplier care goes beyond discharging the suppliable products at the lowest cost. The environmental enterprise must support traceability of the supplied used products and offers services to link cost effective treatment solutions that are compliant with environmental regulation.